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The German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council (GSDAC) is a national organisation involving the German Shepherd Dog and the clubs in New Zealand.

Recognised by the New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC) in 1978, the German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council (GSDAC) is a body set up by Graham Brayne (von Racher Kennels) who invited representatives of the 4 GSD clubs active in those days to work in co-operation with all German Shepherd Dog clubs recognised by the NZKC.

The Council has over 25,000 tattoos registered and has breed surveyed over 1,000 animals.

The annual membership fee is $25.00 single or $35.00 double and is paid direct to the Advisory Council Treasurer.

That membership fee entitles the member to participate in all schemes and receive our magazine.

Download the Membership / Renewal form on this site or see the form in the latest Review. You may also contact the Secretary to have a form emailed to you.

The Advisory Council's Schemes are:

  • Awards

  • Breed Surveys and breed recommendations

  • Endurance Tests

  • Fun Days

  • Recording of hip dysplasia and elbow results

  • Main Breed Assessments

  • Seminars

  • Structural Assessments

  • Tattooing of litters and older animals

  • Tooth Certificates

  • Working Qualifications

More information can be found about these schemes from the links below.


Current Council Executive Committee:


President       Viv McCambridge

Vice President North Island    Jan Saltiel

Vice President South Island    Allan McKernan

Secretary    Rhona Shaw

Treasurer    Neil Debenham

Committee Member    Janet King

Committee Member    Deb Renga

 Committee Member    Helen Hill   


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