Structural Assessment

The Structural Assessment is designed for owners who may not wish to undergo a full survey with their animal but want some recognition for their GSD and are willing to help broaden breeders' knowledge of the breed and increase the information available.

The Structural Assessment is open to all German Shepherds, regardless of whether they are spayed or neutered, have incorrect coats, ear faults etc - just so long as both parents are purebred GSD's registered with the NZKC.

Preparation involves sending in the entry form (plus the fee) two weeks prior to the advertised event, then coming along with your dog. Entries may be taken on the day at the discretion of the assessor. It is advisable, however, to ensure handler and dog are sufficiently fit to keep moving at a brisk walk for about 15 minutes, and that the dog is used to being measured and having his teeth checked.

It is preferred that the animal has had hips and elbows x-rayed, as this increases our knowledge of the virtue or risk of its parents lines. To ensure that your dog can be clearly identified we prefer that it has been tattooed and the tattoo recorded in the GSDAC national register. However, neither of these are compulsory for the Structural Assessment. The x-ray does not apply to puppy assessments.

The assessment takes approximately 20 minutes and involves an extended movement section of walking and gaiting. The dog is then measured (height and chest depth) its dentition checked, and a short critique on his general appearance is recorded.

A laminated certificate will be forwarded to you which will contain all the information recorded of your animal. A summary of the assessment will be printed in the GSDAC Review to help breeders who are thinking of using bloodlines related to your dog.

Main Breed Assessments

Held periodically in either South or North Islands.

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