Working Qualification


The exercises are done on a pass/fail system and are NOT designed to be judged on how well the animal works, but on whether it completes each exercise as outlined. Failure to complete any exercise means failure of the total test, however there is provision to re-test a single failed exercise at the end of all tests by all other entrants. Each animal is assessed separately with no outside interference by other dogs and/or handler or spectators.

The WQ will be recognized by GSD owners as an individual award to be listed in front of the ED. Owners may have the award recorded on the animals survey report.

Entry requirements

The entry fee is $15.00 and must be received 2 weeks prior to the advertised date or on the day at the discretion of the assessor.

Exercises will run in the following order:

Temperament test



Off-lead gaiting


Temperament Test

The animal is to stand for a brief examination. The handler is to stand 5 paces from the animal and may give as many words of encouragement as they wish. The exercise is completed when the animal has been examined. This test may be done on- or off-lead.


A basic 3 sided box pattern away and back on lead. This is to prove control and that the animal is wanting to be with the handler without trying to race away. It is not tested for neatness, just basic control. Encouragement can be given.


Any article of the handlers' choice may be used. The animal starts from a sit position but is not required to stay when the article is thrown. The animal must deliver the article close to the handler (not run off with it) but there is no formal finish. Encouragement may be given.

Gaiting exercise

One lap of the ring on-lead, two laps off lead. The dog must gait at a speed comparable to that of the handler. Encouragement may be given.

Stay One minute

On- or off-lead. Any position is allowed. Handler to face the animal from 10 paces and may encourage the animal to stay if required, but on no more than two occasions.

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