Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia Schemes


The Australian Council (G.S.D.C.A) allow N.Z council to use their HD/ED schemes with our requirements as this provides an even larger data base for the schemes.

These forms are available from the HD/ED Co-ordinator below or on the page link below for Forms.

A copy of the GSDCA Regulation Manual is available in the GSDCA Website www.gsdcouncilaustralia.org however we draw your attention to the following regulations:-

Residents of New Zealand wishing to participate in a GSDCA Breed Improvement Schemes must be a member of the New Zealand German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council (NZGSDAC), or an affiliate of the NZGSDAC (Refer to Regulation 3.1)

New Zealand (NZ) animals must be tattooed through the current NZ German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council (NZGSDAC) system. (Refer to Regulation

New Zealand (NZ) bred dogs must still be identified by a tattoo, controlled through the NZ German Shepherd Dog Advisory Council (NZGSDAC) system, and the tattoo is verified by the NZGSDAC. At this stage microchips will NOT be accepted for New Zealand (NZ) bred dogs. (Refer to Regulation


There are three options for reading of the x-rays:

The AZ scheme

Lavelle’s Private Scheme

Dr Rawlinson’s *ANKC scheme*

We do not have a scheme in NZ any longer, so these readers are all in Australia.


Scores for survey Class 1 are:

Maximum total score for class 1 is 16 with no more than 8 on either hip.

Elbows Normal Grade 1/Grade 2 if score is less than 4mm each side.

Scores for Class 2:

Maximum total score for class 2 is 24 with no more than 12 on either hip.

Any dog with Grade 2 Elbows with 4mm and over can obtain Class 2

Grade 3 Elbows and U.A.P are denied Classification.


For more information:
Liz Scheres

16 Leslie Road

R.D 3



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