Breed Surveys


Dogs and bitches shall be awarded a classification in either Breed Survey Class I or class II if it is expected that they will contribute to the overall improvement of the breed in New Zealand. Class I animals will be considered to be far above the breed average, Class II animals will be considered to be above breed average.

1. Entries

Entries close 3 weeks prior to the date of the survey (21days). Entry forms are from time to time printed in the Review or are available on request from the Secretary or Breed Surveyor Co-ordinator. Return the fully completed entry form to the Breed Survey Co-ordinator along with:

A:    A copy of 4 generation pedigree

B:    A copy of hip/elbow results. If not already sent prior to HD co-ordinator the original must be brought to the survey plus a photocopy which the surveyor will sign on the day.

C:    Any other relevant records of siblings, parents etc.

D:    The entry fee is listed in the review or available from the Secretary.

E:    Receipts will be given on Survey Day.


2. Survey day

The order of events at the survey will be: movement (up to 15 minutes), guntest, temperament tests, measuring (height, chest depth & circumference, weight) dentition/testicle check and then the general evaluation of each animal.


The surveyor fires 3 shots from a distance of about 10 metres. The desired reaction is one of alert interest. Only those dogs that stand firm during this test can be considered for Class 1. Those which are sufficiently firm can be considered for Class 2. Those which show undue concern and fear and seek reassurance will be failed. The handler must not at any time give any commands verbally or by hand signal to the animal or no double handling in any way. which must stand on a loose lead in a natural stance facing the surveyor.

Temperament tests.

There shall be three tests conducted prior to the survey proper taking place.

Two will be "crowd" tests; the third a "single" or "object" test ( ones that do not involve extra people)

The tests will be determined publicly - at each survey by random selection. No person connected to the dog in any way or who the dog will recognise may take part in the test.

No verbal or visual commands are to be given.

Crowd Tests

TUNNEL- This tunnel will be an L shape and consist of as many people as available. The dog will walk through the tunnel and back again. On the return walk the tunnel will be narrowed to no closer than one arms length.

LINE - The line consists of as many people as available. The dog and handler and the line of people will approach each other at a walk, pass and return to their respective starting points. The line of people will approach facing the path of the dog and handler.

THE MINGLE - Consists of a crowd of as many people as available. The dog and handler will walk slowly among the people who will be talking, laughing etc. individuals within the group will have various items with them or on them, eg raincoat and hat, carrying a jacket, umbrella, skateboard, or any other item deemed suitable which may to be found in a public place.

Single Tests

TOWEL - The dog will stand with the handler and be on loose lead. The surveyor will approach at normal walk and place a towel or jacket or similar object across the dogs back. This object will not be placed across the back as a cover but as you would place a towel across your shoulder. The object will then be removed after a minimum period of 15 seconds.

WALKER- The surveyor will briskly beside the dog and handler for a distance of approximately 20 metres, stop and take the dog from the handler and continue walking. The handler does not continue walking once the surveyor has taken the dog and commenced walking. The surveyor will walk some distance in the opposite direction and them return to the handler.

UMBRELLA- An umbrella not larger than a golf umbrella and no smaller than a normal rain umbrella will be carried (closed) by the surveyor as he/she walks towards the dog which shall be standing with the handler on a loose lead.  The surveyor will stop no closer than on metre from the dog and open the umbrella normally but not towards the dog and raise it normally. The umbrella will not be used in a threatening manner and will not be opened at a speed or opened directly facing the dog.

NOTE: testing to be done in a natural manner. no threatening or dramatic gestures will be made to the dog.

MEASUREMENT TEST- Notice will be specifically taken of dogs performance during all the weighing and measuring exercises which will be noted for final character assessment.

3. Certificate

A typed, signed and laminated Breed Survey certificate should be received within 3 weeks. If this does not happen, contact the Breed Survey Registrar.

4. Re-Survey

This can be applied for if the animal fails at the original survey, and if the owner considers the animal has been unfairly treated, or if classification was deferred. The Breed Survey Chairperson in conjunction with the surveyor of the animal will approve re-survey.

5. Re-Test

This occurs when just one specific test only is required to be re-assessed. Eg Gun-test, temperament test, measurement, recording of hip/elbow scores.

6. Recall to Survey

This involves a request by the GSDAC surveying panel for an animal to be re-surveyed, or re-tested due to changes occurring in the animal since the original survey. Eg the animal may have produced progeny to warrant an elevation to Class 1, or events in the show ring may require re-classification. This re-classification may be either up or down.

7. Failure

In the event of an animal failing its survey it may be presented again not less than six months later. If the animal fails with the same fault again, it shall not be accepted for any further survey. If the second survey attempt is failed for a different reason, the animal will be accepted only once more.

For more information:

Jan Saltiel - Breed Survey Chairperson

Ph: 07 888 1809




Jan Saltiel

Mike Bradley

Bruce Anderson

Viv McCambridge

Barry Carroll

Tony Gibson







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